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Jake Johanson

I am photographer looking to capture the world, wether its landscape photography, portraits or sports. I’m always out and about with a camera looking for something to capture the eye. 

What area are you located in?

We are currently based out of Sandy Utah, with the ability to be on spot anywhere within the Salt Lake City area to take family pictures, Senior pictures, or Portraits.

How far in advance should I book?

We are booking now! It is best to reach out with a 2 week buffer to be able to schedule a time and location to take the pictures.


What are your rates?

We are able to provide a number of packages of our most popular services, ranging from Senior pictures, Family pictures, Sports, or Portraits.


Do you offer any other services?

Our network of talented creatives is able to work to most needs. When reaching out please be sure to inform us of any of your idea’s so we are able to see if we can meet your accommodations.

Reach out to, 801-441-9429 

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